“Stable velocity, sustainable pace”

Mike Cottmeyer

Why Agile?

  • Agile projects are 4 times more likely to be successful than Waterfall projects

  • Agile projects are 3 times less likely to fail than Waterfall projects

  • Most industry leaders in IT utilize Agile.


Benefits of Agile

  • Improved team morale

  • Shorter time to market

  • Ability to adjust to change in priorities

  • Better alignment between business and IT

  • More predictable = less risk


Why DAS?

At Diverse Agile Solutions, LLC, we understand that being Agile is not defined by following a standard set of activities outlined in one of the leading Agile frameworks. In fact, this results in underwhelming results and/or disillusionment in Agile. Diverse Agile Solutions believes that successful Agile implementations begin with establishing an organizational culture that emphasizes collaboration, empowerment, responsiveness to change  and transparency above rigid rules and protocols  At DAS, we utilize our core Agile principles to develop adaptable approaches for supplying  value to our customers through the consistent delivery of expected outcomes over short iterative cycles. Through short iterative cycles, we leverage feedback loops to consistently learn about successes and shortcomings in our processes resulting in continuous learning and  improvement and a reduction of waste.

We know through our years of experience in the federal government, commercial and non-profit sectors that there is no single Agile framework that fits the needs of every customer. This is why members of the DAS Agile team bring years of expertise and certification In all of the leading Agile frameworks including:

DAS four step Agile Implementation plan:



  • Desired outcomes?

  • Pain points?

  • Organizational blockers?

  • Existing Culture ?


  • Plan

  • Execute

  • Test

  • Access


  • Agile framework(s)

  • Structure (PMO, team)

  • Communication

  • Cadence


  • Continue what works

  • Eliminate what doesn’t work

  • Improve deficiencies

Agile Project Management

Dedicated to combining the professionalism and expertise of tech giants with the agility and intimacy that make small businesses so attractive.

Dev Ops

Expertise in bridging the gap between development, operations, and quality assurance by establishing the right foundation of tools and processes for your software development teams.

Software Development

Delivering constant value to clients by providing customized solutions to the problems of today with a focus on the challenges of tomorrow.


Help Desk Support

Helping you find and build the team you need to interact with end-users of your custom software products.