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Functional Specialist Advisor Level 4 (NCW)

Arnold, MO, USA

Security Clearance


Top Secret/SCI

Salary Range

$83,000 - $108,000

About the Role

The role shall provide support for the CIO-T/TF/TFDC Discovery Services, Content Branch by applying knowledge of various sciences on all domains.

Bullet Points
- Requires ACTIVE TS/SCI clearance
- Minimum of 11 years' experience
- 2 years' experience with business workflow and appropriate capabilities/tools

Full Job Description
DAS is looking to hire a Functional Specialist Advisor Level 3 (NCW) for our Arnold, MO location.

Overall Assignment Description:
The contractor shall provide support for the CIO-T/TF/TFDC Discovery Services, Content Branch by applying extensive knowledge of various sciences on all domains.

Duties may include:
• Monitor and track the Discovery metadata registry on all applicable domains through manual and automated processes.
• Develop custom solutions to enhance, grow and evolve the Discovery Registry on all domains to best match the demand signal from users, both internal and external.
• Incorporate and adhere to GEOINT metadata standards to ensure Discovery registry resources are discoverable, trackable, and attributable to proper owners on all applicable domains.
• Maintain the currency and accuracy of Discovery registry resources on all domains through internal audit and/or external feedback, in a manual or automated fashion.
• Shepherd users through the contribution process, to include service validation compliance, providing Tier 2 expert support, guidance, and clarifications.
• Use subject matter expertise of NGA/NSG resources and initiatives to increase internal team flow of knowledge and resources into the Discovery Registry on all applicable domains.
• Ensure the Discovery registry on all domains has appropriate backup and all changes are documented with an activity tracker and versioning history.
• Perform user feedback interviews of Discovery Registry contributions to improve search results filtering; apply expertise from industry-based search classifications and knowledge of geospatial taxonomy.
• Develop and implement content registry classification, taxonomy, and ontology as driven by user feedback interviews, data pattern analysis, and industry standards.
• Develop, publish, and maintain an internal Standard Operating Procedure for manual and automated Discovery Registry contribution adjudication, revisions, audits, and tracking process.
• Develop, publish, and maintain a Customer Help Guide/Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documentation for all users in an optimal and easily discoverable and accessible location and any documentation as needed to support future initiatives.
• Assess, develop and implement an audit strategy to review metadata validity and provide feedback to contribution owners.
• Assess processes and identify metrics to reflect Discovery’s level of effort to the Executive level; implement metrics tracking.
• Establish a process for coordinating efforts between Discovery and other Future Experience(TF) teams resulting in tipping and cueing for contribution improvements.
• Act as a Discovery secretariat by ensuring that logistics, communications, and all necessary support are provided for Discovery collaborations across NGA and the NSG.
• Develop, publish, and communicate Discovery briefings for Executive and Tactical level staff to promote understanding of the scope of services provided.
• Perform internal testing of all Knowledge Integration Prism (KIP) developed tools on all domains, both from a user perspective, and as an administrator.
• Provide testing results back to development team, and work collaboratively on bug resolution.
• Assess and analyze user feedback and provide tailored product enhancement solutions to the Development Team, through development lifecycle tracking tools such as Redmine, JIRA, or other as required.
• Provide demonstrations or presentations of KIP/Discovery applications or Discovery Services, Content Branch team activities and initiatives in a prepared or ad-hoc setting.
• Provide insight and advice regarding data, products, and services within the Future Experience Office.
• Support the Agency's overall mission including expediting crisis work and ad hoc tasking on various scheduled arrangements to support TF leadership on emerging programs and projects to move the Customer Services and online delivery GEOINT forward.

Skills and Experience:
• Demonstrated experience managing and/or conflating complex metadata into a centralized repository.
• Demonstrated experience of Intelligence Community (IC), and/or industry geospatial formats, products, intelligence, and/or capabilities (i.e. file geodatabase, personal geodatabase, shapefile).
• Demonstrated experience of creating, updating, or maintaining effective geospatial metadata and keywords in a multitude of interfaces utilizing IC or industry standards and schemas.
• Demonstrated experience creating and/or maintaining required documentation to include, but not limited to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Customer Help Guides and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

• Minimum of 3 years’ experience of demonstrated product life cycle management skills including data backups, tool/capability testing, analysis of testing results and transpose to necessary fixes, and/or team collaboration for issue resolution.
• Minimum of 3 years’ experience with the utilization of taxonomies and ontologies.
• Minimum of 3 years’ experience assessing and analyzing user feedback to provide tailored solutions as necessary.
• Minimum of 3 years’ experience building and implementing audit strategies to review metadata validity.
• Minimum of 1 year experience with service validation ensuring proper compliance of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) web services.
• Minimum of 1 year experience with basic HTML web editing.

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