SME Level MarkLogic Database Engineer

Lanham, MD 20706, USA

Security Clearance


Not Required

Salary Range

$175,000 - $195,000

About the Role

The work history of each Contractor employee shall contain experience directly related to the tasks and functions to be assigned. Personnel utilized by the contractor in the performance of this contract shall, as a minimum, meet the experience requirements set forth below and shall be fully capable of performing in an efficient, reliable, and professional manner:

-Knowledge of MarkLogic best practices
- 5-7 years of progressive MarkLogic support in an Enterprise environment
- 5-7 years of experience with Linux in a Highly Available infrastructure
- Knowledge of and experience in Amazon Web Services (AWS)
- MarkLogic Certified Administrator
- Proficient in MarkLogic server database management such as (Creating, administering, managing and tuning MarkLogic database Instances, etc.)
- Experience with Disaster Recovery Plan implementation and High-Availability methods (including HA Clustering, Replication, sharding, and Mirroring)
- Creating Service Accounts, MarkLogic binary installation, establishing the backup methodology, and Application integration testing
- Experience with performance issue troubleshooting/tuning
- Experience/knowledge of backup/restore of large databases (terabytes)
- Proficiency with all aspects of the MarkLogic ecosystem.
- Experience with MarkLogic database migration techniques and beyond
- Experience with MarkLogic database administration 10.x. Experienced Senior MarkLogic DBA with 5-10 years of experience
- Knowledge of PostgreSQL best practices
- Proficient in PostgreSQL server database management