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Invigorate. Iterate.

Diverse Agile Solutions delivers constant value to its clients by providing customized solutions to the problems of today with a focus on the challenges of tomorrow.  We are a certified Maryland Department of Transportation MBE/DBE firm, as well as a certified SBE.

Agile Solutions

Agile Talent Solutions

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Finding The Perfect Fits

​Services Include:

  • Position advertising, along with professional networking; Resume administration and screening of candidate applications

  • Candidate initial screening;

  • Internal networking and submitting to HR/or Line Managers

  • Talent Acquisition/HR coordination tasks (setting interviews, handling paperwork, facilitating meetings) 

  • Development of clear staffing metrics unravelling the steps to success, leading to improved hiring practices

  • Creation/support of a centralized recruitment process for the business

  • Flexibility with use of purchased hours

  • Ability for customers to shift administrative duties from their team to ours

  • New hire offer negotiation and contract formulation

  • New hire onboarding assistance and orientation


Internal Screening

Final Submissions


Start Your Future

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