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Cleared and uncleared positions ranging from Software Engineering to Cyberspace Developers.

New positions in all fields added continuously.

Find Useful Interview Tips Here

Interview Tips

How to make sure you're prepared!

1.) Resume Clean-Up

Make sure your resume is up to date and void of any gramatic errors.

2.) Research The Company

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the organization's structure, mission, and values.

3.) Practice Interview Questions

Find common interview questions online and have answers prepared for each. Tying answers to stories that show off valuable skills is the goal. 

4.) Have Questions Ready

Having questions ready for the interviewer shows interest in the company and role.

5.) Print A Copy Of Your Resume

If in-person, have an extra copy for yourself and anyone participating in the interview.

6.) Bring Paper And A Pen

Be prepared to take notes on any feedback they may give.

7.) Arrive 10-15 Minutes Early

Always plan to arrive early to avoid unforeseen obstacles. This also shows promptness and interest in the role. If this is a video interview, plan to log in 5-10 minutes early.

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